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Ring Doorbell Beach House Wrap and Popup Set

Product details

Enhance the appearance of your Ring Video Doorbell with this stunning beach house wrap and popup set. It comes with a cover wrap and a popup display that you can put over your doorbell.

The wrap is a perfect fit for Ring Video Doorbell versions 2, 3, and 4. It’s made of high-quality vinyl that will last a long time and keeps it safe from fading, water, and UV rays.

The popup display is made of acrylic and easily slides over your doorbell. If you need to stick it to the wall, there’s adhesive tape included.

*****Actual Ring Video Doorbell not included.******

• Bright Bold Colors
• Water Proof Vinyl
• Scratch Resistant
• Custom Cut
• Easily Removed
• Ship in one day in most cases

*****Actual Ring Video Doorbell not included.******

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